Pre-School Room

At the age of 3 your child will be ready to transition into the Pre-School Room and start their preparations for ‘Big School’. The ratio within this room increases to 1:8 and at this point (the following term after they’re 3) parents can claim their early years funding entitlement for their child resulting in a great reduction in childcare costs.

The children within this room are given the correct tools for them to become confident, resilient and independent, and are supported to achieve their goals in preparation for the transition into Primary School.

The staff plan age and stage appropriate activities in accordance with the Early Years Foundation Stage geared around children’s interests, in order to support their learning and development and host school readiness programs such as P.E and packed lunch days The Pre-School Room offers freedom of choice for the children to help develop their self-help skills and independence. This is promoted through self-serve meals, independent activity choices, independent toileting and self-care whilst being closely supported by staff when required.

The room is set into many areas in accordance with the Early Year’s Foundation Stage, where the children can develop their skills with the help and support of the childcare practitioners in the room. Staff support these areas by facilitating the children’s play building trusting relationships and confidence in children.