Toddler Room

From approximately 12 months old your child will be ready to transition into the Toddler Room. The ratio within this room remains at 1:3 and the children usually stay within this room until their second birthday. Our Toddler Room staff work closely with both the Baby Room and Early Learner Room to ensure that transitions into their room and into the next room are smooth, ensuring routines are passed on and parents are consulted on room movement dates and children’s settling in times, also giving the child’s new key worker the opportunity to bond with your child.

The Toddler room offers a variety of different levels in order to explore, unlike the baby room which provides mainly floor based activities. This allows the Toddlers to investigate their physical development and extend their curiosities in a variety of areas. A role play area is introduced within the Toddler Room to allow the children to start developing their imaginative skills through the use of simple props to begin to make believe.

The children enjoy two outdoor play sessions within this room during these they make full use of the physical development resources, bikes, bats & balls as they learn how to co-ordinate their movements. Our Toddlers have a sleep after their lunch on individual labelled beds and blankets so they are fully refreshed for the afternoon’s activities.

Mealtimes are a social occasion within this room where we encourage children to develop their social skills through communication and all the children are encouraged to feed themselves with the aid of the staff sitting close by. Children are given a variety of refreshments throughout the day which include fresh fruit and milk. We also introduce hygiene as they help their carer’s with hand and face cleaning before and after meal times.